Online Gallery Of The Artist
David Gafni

David Gafni is a painter and a leading museums designer lives today in Israel. Through his art career David was inspired by the magical legends of the Jewish Bible and the Kabbalah.

This online gallery displays a series of oil paintings, representing the apocalyptic events destined to take place during the wondrous period of the "End of days". Next to each painting are quotes from the books of  Kabbalah, describing the various events, in their chronological order.


David Gafni is periodically participating in worlds' leading art exhibitions. For any information regarding the paintings, the Kabbalah stories behind them or the artist himself, please find below the contact details.

Kbbalah art

"His theatrical focus of light and a systematic use of chromatic color scales adds a seed of drama, poetry and mystery. Most striking is the artist's technical excellence in handling oil paint."..."the drawings seem to breath life rather than expel it."

Gil Goidfine, The Jerusalem Post.

"By positioning his Kabbalistic scenes in landscapes that are fantastical, Gafni presents narratives that are gripping and lifelike, but also dreamy and unnatural"


Currently we are looking to cooperate with USA based art distributors and leading galleries.

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Dates: March 2009


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